Perforated Metal

The perfect meshing of product, and service.

Functional and attractive, perforated metal is seen virtually everywhere in today's world: as decorative architectural panels, light diffusers, air diffusers, and more. Perforated metal panels and plates have varied uses from screening to ventilation. The economical process of making lightweight perforated metal allows Petro-Wire and Steel to custom design architectural panels and stainless steel plates with a variety of holes, shapes and designs. Depending on the size and shape of the perforated openings and the gauge, punched metal can become many things. From a behind-the-scenes workhorse used to screen and filter a variety of materials, to a visually appealing light diffuser or air diffuser for architectural applications, perforated sheet metal is the solution that can even perform artistically as a display. Perforated decorative metal is especially great for making architectural panels that give buildings an attractive design touch.

In addition to our off-the-rack pre-perforated metal sheets, we can custom manufacture any quantity, size or shape of panels you need, including perforated aluminum and perforated stainless steel products. Keep in mind that punched metal can also be used in place of metal sheeting to lighten the weight of some products, without sacrificing too much strength. Ask us about perforated metal projects using an Inconel perforated plate or sheet, as well as a Monel perforated plate or sheet.

All Standard Industry Trade Practices as set forth by the Industrial Perforators Association..

Perforated Metal Perforated Metal Perforated Metal Perforated Metal