Bar Grating

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Bar Grating

Universally used in industrial plants and commercial buildings, welded steel or welded stainless steel bar grating are the most popular of all the grating types. Walkways, stair treads, platforms, safety barriers, drainage covers and ventilation grates are just a few of the common applications that benefit from its strength, cost efficient production and ease of installation. Contact us about stainless steel grating that can be used for vessel support grids.

Also popular is aluminum grating because it is light weight, yet strong under pressure. Aluminum bar grating is rust-resistant, making them the perfect metal bar grate for corrosive environments. Similar to aluminum, fiberglass bar grating also works well in corrosive settings and has the benefits of being non-conductive and fire retardant.

The outstanding rigidity of metal bar grating is created by a combination of welding and fusing. The bearing bars are automatically resistance-welded at every contact point with the cross bars. Then, under a combination of high heat and pressure, they're fused together to form a permanent joint, resulting in a smooth, flat surface for easy walking.

No matter what size, shape or quantity of heavy duty bar grating you need, whether for stair treads, vessel support, or any other purpose, we can supply it. Find what you're looking for in our comprehensive inventory or let us custom design stainless steel bar grating to meet your specific needs.

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