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insect screen

Though typically used for window screens, wire cloth (linked) is also used as a separating medium in filtration processes. Insect Screen is available in Aluminum, Galvanized, Plain Steel, Copper and Fiberglass.

Aluminum insect screen, Bronze insect Screen, and fiberglass insect screen in several different diameters.

Stainless Steel 18 x 18 mesh x 009 dia
Bright Aluminum 18 x 16 mesh x .011 dia
Galvanized 18 x 14 mesh x .009 dia
Bright Bronze 18 x 14 mesh x 011 dia
Copper 16 x 16 mesh x 011 dia
Plain Steel 18x 14 Mesh x .009" dia
Fiberglass 18 x 16 mesh x .011. dia